Kyle Genova

About Me

I'm a PhD student in the Vision & Robotics Group at Princeton University. My research advisor is Thomas Funkhouser. My work is at the intersection of computer vision and graphics, particularly in the areas of 3D vision, differentiable rendering, scene understanding, and unsupervised deep learning.

Previously, I completed a B.A. in Computer Science at Cornell University, where I worked with David Williamson in the areas of theoretical computer science and combinatorial optimization.


Kyle Genova, Forrester Cole, Aaron Maschinot, Aaron Sarna, Daniel Vlasic, William T. Freeman
Unsupervised Training for 3D Morphable Model Regression
CVPR 2018 (Coming Soon), Spotlight Presentation

Kyle Genova, Manolis Savva, Angel X. Chang, Thomas A. Funkhouser
Learning Where to Look: Data-Driven Viewpoint Set Selection for 3D Scenes
CoRR abs/1704.02393, 2017

Kyle Genova and David P. Williamson
An Experimental Evaluation of the Best-of-Many Christofides' Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem.
Algorithmica 78(4):1109-1130, 2017, Invited Publication
ESA 2015:570-581, 2015
CoRR abs/1506.07776, 2015

Fellowships & Scholarships

Gordon Y.S. Wu Fellowship in Engineering
Princeton Unversity, 2016-2021

Hatton Lovejoy Scholarship
Fuller E. Callaway Foundation, 2012-2016

Valtarese Foundation Scholarship
Valtarese Foundation, 2012


Phi Beta Kappa, Highest 3% of Class
Cornell University, 2015

Computing Research Association Oustanding Undergraduate Researcher Nomination
Cornell University, 2015

LaGrange Academy, 2012


3D Face Models from Facial Identity Features
Ph.D. Internship, Cambridge, MA, 2017
Cambridge Vision Research Group, with Forrester Cole and Bill Freeman

In-Memory K-Way Balanced Graph Partitioning
Ph.D. Internship, New York, NY, 2016
NYC Algorithms Research Group, with Aaron Archer and Vahab Mirrokni


Princeton University, Assistant in Instruction
Computer Vision, COS 429 Fall 2017

Cornell University, Teaching Assistant
Intro to Analysis of Algorithms, CS 4820 Spring 2016
Computer Graphics, CS 4620 Fall 2015
Data Structures and Functional Programming, CS 3110 Fall 2014